For CENPRO SAC, it is a high priority to maintain the information of the visitors secured when visiting our webpage, therefore, we detail, lines below, our protection privacy policy.

The information you provide voluntarily.

We only collect personal information that you voluntarily provide when you visit our services. You can choose not to provide your personal information (visitors have access to the main page of the website and surf within it and not giving their personal

Information obtained automatically

We do not obtain personal information automatically or in any other way, or link information automatically on any way about specific persons. As every website, we use data files that are saved automatically in your computer in order to improve the speed of your visit in our site. We do not use cookies to save personal information or link non-personal information saved in cookies with personal information about specific persons. CENPRO SAC does not obtain information about you from other sources (for example, from entities, files, and public or private organizations.)

How do we use collected information?

We use the collected information to improve your visit and preserve the integrity of our Sales Plan.
We use personal information for Customer Services, site information, purchases by Internet and company communication.

If we want to use your personal information for other purposes, first, we will get your permission.

Does CENPRO SAC share information with others?

CENPRO SAC does not share, sells, interchanges or leases your personal information to anybody. We value the privacy of our clients and we do not risk our relation with you, by selling your information to anyone that requests it. However, each customer can choose not to be contacted when making an order.

How secure is my information?

CENPRO SAC obeys all the national, world and regional regulatory laws and projects. In addition, we regulate the collection and use of personal information. The employees that have access to the personal information are forced to respect the confidentiality of our visitors’ personal information and they are subject to the highest standards of integrity in use, file or recollection of these data.

If I have more questions?

Send your questions to info@macaex.com