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All Macaex® (referred as to Macaex) webpage users accept that the access and use of the purchases service via Internet, are subject to the conditions we detail next and therefore, we accept the consequences that these may imply. The stipulated conditions are described as follows:


1. Macaex requires the registration of the customer’s main data that will allow us a personalized service with user. With this purpose, he/she must be registered as USER, in the Purchase section, where he/she will be able to access a basic form for the new user registration. Once registered, you will automatically receive an Access Code in your e-mail.
2. If you are already registered, you will be able to access the purchase area to be informed on retail prices, offers and shipping costs, or buy.
3. If you are interested on becoming a DISTRIBUTOR, you must complete the entire form that is shown in the section Opportunities.
4. Once the registration is completed, you will automatically receive, by e-mail, an Access Code and the document “Macaex Circles” regarding the commercial policy of the company.
5. To become a DISTRIBUTOR, you must have previously read the Macaex Circle document about the Commercial Policy of the company that was sent with the Access Code, when you registered.
6. If you like to be included in our commercial system, you must read in our Webpage the AGREEMENT OF USE OF THE MACAEX COMMERCIAL SYSTEM and accept it. You will be able to find the agreement in the section My account/My Information/ SEE AGREEMENT or in the section Purchase/Pricelist/ SEE AGREEMENT.
7. Once the AGREEMENT is accepted, you will be able to access the area of purchase and choose the DISTRIBUTOR packages that will define the level in which you will be working within the company. By clicking over a package (in blue), you will see in detail, the contents of each package of purchase.
8. The purchase of any of the packages will allow you to have an inventory that will help you to start with your sales activities.
9. In the future, for the inventory replacement, you must access the section Purchase and choose the products required for your commercialization activity.


1. Macaex requires that all its customers identify themselves with their e-mail and Access Code before accessing the information. If you forgot your Access Code, you are able to use the reminder in the Purchase or My account section.
2. Macaex keeps the right to modify, add, update, change or amend any omission or information on the conditions of access and use of the service, without previous notice.
3. Macaex keeps the right to end the sales service, transitorily or permanently, without previous notice and/or consent of our clients.
4. You can enter an order, in our section Macaex purchases, 24 hours, 7 days a week. The shipping of the orders is detailed in the conditions of “Delivery.”
5. Macaex will deliver orders to your door, for which, a FREIGHT cost will be added, according to the geographical zone of delivery indicated by the customer.
6. Macaex will accept the annulment of an order with no inconvenience, by e-mail and within the 12 hours after the electronic transaction was done, as long as the order has not been shipped.
7. When purchasing, your information will be automatically sent to our secure commerce server, all your personal information will be encrypted before it is transmitted by Internet.
8. The shipping (delivery) of Macaex products is completed once it is confirmed that Visa authorized the transaction or the funds are deposited in Macaex account by money order or bank transfer.


Macaex offers to its customers, two forms of payment for their purchases:
1. Transfer: The User or Distributor, when choosing this form of payment, will follow the instructions at the end of the bill issued when ordering.
2. Visa Credit Card: The customer will provide the credit card number, expiration date and card verification value (CVV.) (See conditions under VERIFIED BY VISA.)
Macaex is making the effort so you can purchase online by a simplest and safest way. This webpage has been developed under security regulations with the intention that your personal information remains confidential. We understand that online commerce can generate distrust, and for that reason, we are committed in protecting your privacy, because of this, the system includes the Internet Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that guarantees the security of your transactions.


1. The orders purchased with credit card will be delivered within 24 hours after the authorization from Visa is received. In the event, the orders are paid via a bank transfer; they will be delivered within 24 hours after the confirmation of the bank deposit is received.
2. Macaex is the only responsible of the quality of products and the quality of shipment.
3. The delivery will be via Postal Service Courier, unless you request special delivery via DHL or UPS.
You will be notified if delay of the delivery occurs, whether for lack of inventory available at the time of the order due to its rotation or the seasonal productivity (harvest of certified organic Maca.)


1. Macaex will only accept duly justified returns.
2. The returns shall be requested within a prudential time.
3. If your customer wants to return a product, because of justified reasons, Macaex will proceed, according to the convenience of the User or Distributor, in two ways:
- A credit note will be issued in order to validate the return, and the User or Distributor will be able to purchase any of our products anytime he/she desires.
- A transfer can be done to your bank account or a check can be sent to your address.

If you want to contact us for more information, please e-mail us: